The Ampersand Storm
Above: The Ampersand Storm Instagram account (left), the first 100 Ampersands
The Ampersand Storm
"An ampersand a day to keep your ennui away."
About: The Ampersand Storm is a personal project consisting entirely of decorated, illustrated ampersands posted regularly on Instagram @theampersandstorm
Ampersands are the flamboyant, beautiful unicorns of the typography world. Their forms are unique in that they use such a variety of straight, diagonal and rounded elements. Ampersands are typically not used in running text, or at small sizes, so they may be more decorative than their other letterform brethren. 
The Ampersand Storm account launched in May 2019 with 9 original ampersands. At April 2022, it has over 300 original ampersands. 
Tools: Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, and vector illustrations in Illustrator. 
Valentine Ampersands, Feb 2021
Blue Series, Early 2021
Holiday, Winter 2020
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